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Hiut Denim Co. Yearbook Five
One Percent Better

Hiut Denim Co. Tip In Page Introduction

Dedicated to one percent better, Hiut Denim Co. Yearbook Five is an invocation to fall in love with the incremental. A handbook for slow growth companies, it demonstrates how changing a little, will change a lot. Filled with the wonder and wisdom of creative contributors from all over the world. Hardcover and Softcover options. Only printing 2,800 copies. Sold out. No reprints.

Hiut Denim Co. Yearbook Five Soft Cover
Hiut Denim Co. Yearbook Five Hard Cover

Starting with the cover. Utilitarian in feel and architecturally inspired, Gmund Urban provides a strong foundation for both cover options. Each featuring debossed title text with red matt foil.

When combined with duplexed Colorplan Bright Red and Colorplan Candy Pink, the resulting front and back Hardcovers weigh in at a hefty 1380gsm.

The Softcover option features a wrap-around short-cover, possibly the most innovative and technically tricky part of the whole production process. It leads the way for the tip-in content that follows.

Narrow Colorplan Candy Pink tip-in pages throughout detail the 100 Ways We Got Better. Forming the core of the book and providing a consistent narrative from beginning to end, this list-like format celebrates each one of the incremental to-dos done.

Photography, illustration and sections such as One Percent Better at… and How to Better Your Practice are interwoven along this thread. They offer a change of pace; be that a deep dive or a chance to breathe.

Workshop Wisdom, profiling Oakland-based singer, songwriter, record producer and graphic designer Toro y Moi, uses GF Smith Extract. Complimenting the warmth of the imagery this paper is created from disposable coffee cups once destined for landfill, and means every Yearbook contains at least two upcycled coffee cups.

The Cardigan to California photoshoot section makes the most of GF Smith Max; a surface optimised for excellent results in image reproduction. The fully coated matt sheet creates another noticeable tactile shift for the reader. A polished canvas for Andrew Paynter’s photography, whilst still maintaining a natural feel.

The book ends with thanks and a reminder of the mission to get 400 world-class makers their jobs back; 27 down, 373 to go. Little steps.

Hiut Denim Co.
Hiut Denim Co.
Andrew Paynter Sea Ranch California

Yearbook Five x Andrew Paynter

Hiut Denim Co. Yearbook Five Andrew Paynter

Yearbook Five x Tif Hunter

Tif Hunter Tin Type Label
Tif Hunter Tin Type Buttons
Hiut Denim Co. Yearbook Five Tif Hunter

Yearbook Five x Rosi Tooth

Rosi Tooth Illustration Title Treatment
Rosi Tooth Illustration
Just Over Think It by Amber Vittoria

Yearbook Five x Amber Vittoria

Me When Men Succeed For Existing by Amber Vittoria
When Into The Unknown Hits Different by Amber Vittoria
Still Too Emotional by Amber Vittoria
Growing Inwards by Amber Vittoria
Hiut Denim Co. Yearbook Five Amber Vittoria

Yearbook Five x Matt Joyce

Matt Joyce Illustration Title Treatment
Matt Joyce Illustration Bear Running
Matt Joyce Illustration Leg Running

Photography —
Andrew Paynter
Dan Rubin
Tif Hunter

Illustration —
Amber Vittoria
Rosi Tooth
YeYe Weller
Matt Joyce
Alyn Smith
Amy Lewis

Words —
Clare Hieatt
David Hieatt
Dave Rome
Gavin Strange
Kresse Wesling MBE
Graeme Raeburn
Gary Hustwit
Sir John Hegarty
Seth Godin
Drieke Leenknegt
Jas Fisher-Ryner
Nene Parsotam
Lucy Siegle
David Bradbury
Simon Sinek
Sapphire Bates

Print —
Park Lane Press

Paper —
G.F Smith
+44 (0)7766 831 076



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