Case Study: A Theatre without Walls

Client: National Theatre Wales

Project: Brand Refresh


Identity for Wales’ english-language National Theatre.

A theatre without walls, National Theatre Wales create site-specific productions, with the nation of Wales as their stage. Without a physical theatre space, their location is ever changing.

A theatre without boundaries, embedded in communities; with accessibility at its core, with people and place at its heart. Dynamic yet consistent, their new identity reflects this ethos and approach.


The project began with an aim to consolidate and rationalise the National Theatre Wales visual identity, to result in a compelling and visually consistent brand refresh; to raise public awareness and increase understanding of NTW and their work.

Following on from an in-depth research and strategy phase, the key phrase underpinning the brand became… ‘a theatre without walls’. In reference, not only to the lack of a theatre building, no physical walls, but also to a belief limitless possibilities, with an enthusiasm for new ideas, across all disciplines and a welcome for everyone.


A new typeface provided the foundation for the rebrand. New Hero from the Newlyn foundry helped solve key communication issues; improving clarity and accessibility, with presence and confidence, appropriate for the ever changing themes, audiences, languages and subject matter. The typeface also added balance and proportion in drawing out the NTW ‘stages’, the dotted lines that would act as a frame and become our ‘non walls’ in the creation of the final mark.


Like National Theatre Wales itself, the NTW mark moves and resizes. It forms a stage and creates a space; interacting with its location and the people in it. Embracing the abbreviation NTW further emphasises that versatility.

In print, the mark continues the interplay with its environment, cut through, allowing the audience to see Wales and its stories through the frame of NTW.


The nation of Wales is NTW’s stage, so it was important that the colour palette came from that location. Picked from iconic images of past productions, this strategy directly links colour to people and place, whilst also providing a mechanism for the colour palette to evolve and develop as future locations deliver fresh colour options.


The new identity will continue to roll out over the coming months, continue to evolve and develop over the coming years, but we are already seeing clearer, more consistent communication of the National Theatre Wales brand values and a greater engagement and enthusiasm both internally and externally.


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