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“Stop taking things so personally.”


Being told not to do something, it’s like a red rag to a bull right? Being told something can’t be done, that there isn’t the time, the money, the resource. Challenge accepted.

Let’s go against the grain. Let’s go all in. Let’s take things to heart, to create brands, products and projects to love.

Founded in 2012, Bwtîc* is a small design studio working closely with a short list of clients, and a growing number of collaborators, to deliver tailored communication expertise.

Personal and on purpose. Making the most from the least. Sustainability is vital in all we do; for our planet, for our community and for ourselves. Working collaboratively, with long-term thinking, we’re in this together.

Make it work.
Make it matter.
Make it last.

*Bwtîc is a Welsh translation of the word boutique and is pronounced much the same, although it has been known to cause confusion, most notably… ‘Hello, are you Paul from Buttock?’.
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